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 荷物の受け取りかな? 後ろ姿、お尻もかなり魅力的ですが、前から見たらおまんこもおっぱいもバッチリ見えているのかな? AVだったらこのまま配達員のおっちゃんとセックスして、顔射かおっぱいに精液をかけられてるパターンですよね…。

 柊美優様は、さすがにインターネットでは顔を出したりしていませんが、人気にある方ですよね。個人的には都市伝説なのでは? という気もちょっとしてしまいますが。本当に柊美優様の彼氏になる方は、リアルで俺の彼女は露出狂を楽しめる方でないと務まらないのでしょうね。

Including this green text, the following text is a translation of the Japanese article above, done by Using an Internet translation service. There may be parts that have a different meaning in the translation. I apologize for any such instances.

If someone actually had such a fetish, and I were asked if I could have a long-term relationship with them, I feel like it would be difficult for me, as I am weak-willed and prone to jealousy.

Can I receive my luggage? The back and buttocks are also quite attractive, but if you look at them from the front, can you see the pussy and breasts perfectly? If it’s an AV, it’s a pattern of having sex with a delivery man and having semen on his face or boobs…
Originally, I was thinking of writing a fantasy diary, but I couldn’t come up with any good ideas.

It seems that in the case of men who don’t wear underwear or anything and simply wear a coat over their bare skin, often exposing themselves, they are more likely to be reported to the police and arrested. However, if it’s a woman, especially one who is cute and has a well-proportioned figure, and she wears a coat over her bare skin, and if it happens to open up, revealing her breasts or genitals, I would prefer to silently watch over her rather than report it to the police.
Ms. Hiiragi Miyu is indeed popular, although they don’t reveal their face on the internet. Personally, I can’t help but feel that it might be an urban legend. I suppose anyone who truly becomes Hiiragi Miyu boyfriend must be someone who can appreciate and enjoy exhibitionism in real life.

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